I’m Dilly Tante and this is my new blog. I should probably start by admitting that until now I thought most blogs were pointless, narcissistic and attention seeking, and the craft ones that I occasionally stumble on to, so clearly crying out for book deals that have become popular recently, with their pristine handmade homes, where everything has a place, and crafts are artfully arranged on beautifully dressed tables. Well, I’ve decided I am actually narcissistic and attention seeking, and my rambles are often pointless, so I may as well follow the crowd. However, on this blog you will be lucky if I am dressed let alone my table. I will avoid photographing my home as much as possible, especially when even my iPhone camera is now so full of mega pixels that it shows up every speck of dirt and dust. In fact there will be no photos of:

Tasteful picnics in my garden (you’d have to get past the plastic tat first)

Mugs of freshly sharpened pencils

Flower arrangements

Themed areas of my house

Pretty lined wicker baskets with ‘treasures’ in them

My children looking wholesome on a hike in nearby hills (there maybe pictures of my children, they are more likely to look like urchins than wholesome, and they don’t hike.)

So, about my reticence towards blogging, I don’t consider myself to be a Luddite, just discerning about my use of social media and putting myself out there (I still can’t bring myself to use Face Book or Twitter). But I have embraced the fact that I am actually an attention whore as much as the next blogger, so if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. In fact I nearly called the blog Attention Whore as it made my friend laugh when I described myself that way, but decided I’d like my mum to be able to read it and talk about it, and she is a 50 odd year old lesbian, who dresses like a 19 year old art student, but can’t say the word ‘period’ (“Are you on your ‘Women’s Week’?” she will occasionally whisper to me).

So, I plumped for Dilly Tante (dilettante geddit?) as it describes me quite well. I’m interested in lots of things, but do none of them to the high standards I set myself! I suffer from complete life envy, encompassing career envy (why didn’t I train to be a journalist/lawyer/psychotherapist? ),  house envy (what did these people with 5-bedroomed Georgian town houses do to get them?) and hobby envy (yoga, gardening, cake decorating, etc.). My first (well, current) love is crochet, closely followed by generally making things (that I am usually woefully under skilled at!), reading, Mumsnetting, psychology, feminism, breastfeeding, The West Wing, the list goes on. And this blog is going to be a little bit of everything, but mostly to showcase things that I’ve made in the hope that people will tell me how incredibly talented I am, and maybe like to buy things from me.

I am also mother to two daughters, who for reasons of anonymity, shall henceforth be known as Betty (4) and Iris (10 months)  (ha ha! I can finally use the names that DH vetoed for my fantasy children, who are of course impeccably behaved!). Obviously parenting is a big part of my life, and while I am a <chokes out the word> mummy, I don’t want to be one of those, you know, ‘mummy bloggers’, or cyber mums, is that what the buzz word is? I would like to share things that I have learnt and done (well or not), to garner sympathy, and to say things lots of us are thinking but don’t think anyone else is. But I don’t want to be smug about my parenting. I have no distillable ethos, except perhaps Benign Neglect, but not in a competitively relaxed parent way (“Oh, I’m so relaxed that I wouldn’t dream of caring whether or not Juniper goes to school or not.”), more in a “Darling, I’m just trying to do some Very Important Work on the computer. Why don’t you ask Grandma if you can play with glitter at her house?” kind of way. It works for us. My children are both delightful (and wearing), I’m not sure if that is my fabulous parenting skills or just the way they are. Nature or nurture? Either way I get the credit!

So, this will be about things I make and like, with a little bit of parenting, feminism, and other streams of consciousness. I fully expect my only readers to be my mum and my sister. If you are reading this and aren’t related to me, then welcome, I hope you find something you like here.

3 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. hello!
    Thank you for the compliment – using my blanket as your header.
    I really like this intro as I feel very similar to you… my photos are always very, very carefully cropped to hide the detritus of every day cluttered living and dust… in fact, sometimes I enjoy photographing the clutter – maybe there is a new niche for people like us to embrace? I’m sure there are many other women out there who will breathe a sigh of relief to see it!
    A bit like a real life day-to-day (less bodily fluid-related) version of Tracey Emin’s bed?
    Love the crocheted boobs by the way!
    I’ll add you to my blogroll and you can do the same…
    here’s to chaos and dust!
    Lisa x

    1. That’s relief, I was worried that I’d broken some kind of unwritten code of conduct. That’s really kind of you. Will link your blog, and hopefully we will come across some more ‘real life’ blogs. I like the real life Emin Bed analogy, although with two young children my life is definitely filled with an element of bodily fluids!
      Dilly x

  2. Welcome to blogging from another whose blog is completely clear of artfully themed photographs of anything very much, unless it is books, and they have slightly wobbly edges that I still, after months of having my camera, can’t quite work out how to dispense with.

    I also like the crocheted boobs. In the dim and distant past my flatmate and I used to read The Lady, and one of the ongoing ads in that was for a pattern for a crocheted bikini. We always wondered what on earth one would do with it and now we know. But, taking snarky hat off, they are a brilliant idea.

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