Hello Boys!

So many breast related puns, only one title! I will probably have to write another post just so I can think of some more. I’m a bit obsessed with making these crochet breasts. They even have names, clockwise from the top: Alabaster Annie, English Rose and Mediterranean Mama! You might be wondering what they are for (I’d be worried if you weren’t). These ones have been donated to the Gloucestershire Breastfeeding Support Network, a charity that run groups across Gloucestershire to help support women who are breastfeeding. The groups are all run by volunteer peer supporters, and are an invaluable source of information, support and cake. Some of the groups try to have the support of trained breastfeeding counsellors (BFC), they sell bras and other accessories at cost price, provide handouts and lend books. These groups are woefully underfunded, they have to pay for the BFC services, the training of peer supporters and for the spaces they use for their groups (usually children’s centres or church halls). Anyway, the supporters at these groups use the breasts to demonstrate latching positions and how to hand express.

I’d like to try and make some money from these that I could donate to the GBSN, but the problem is the only people who would have a use for them are other BFCs or peer supporters, and as with most charities it’s the same people putting their hands in their pockets. So I may have to find people who want to buy them for <ahem> other purposes.

The pattern comes from The Lactation Consultants of Great Britain. On my search for a pattern I also came across Tit-Bits, a website where you can buy beautiful hand-knitted breast prostheses, for women who have lost one or both breasts to cancer. The founder of the site also kindly publishes the pattern here. Boobylicious!

Tit Bits hand-knitted breast protheses

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