Remember my post about a week ago It’s gone dark in here where I teased you with my new project but it turned out I’d bought the wrong thing? Well I’ve finally finished and an ready to share. This is one of those projects that takes less than 5 minutes to actually do but 3 weeks to gather up the materials! So here it is, ta-da! My embroidery hoop chalk board!

Now I can leave passive aggressive messages to my husband!

The tutorial for this super easy project is here at Burlap+Blue, but the gist is get embroidery hoop, chalkboard fabric, scissors and some chalk. Cut fabric, stick it in hoop and trim. Job’s a good’n! I’ve had the embroidery hoop for a few weeks in anticipation. When I tried to buy chalkboard fabric what I actually mistakenly bought was a chalkboard vinyl sticker, which no doubt I will find an alternative use for. What I needed was chalkboard fabric, much like oil cloth which is actually quite hard to find here in the UK. But I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. You can buy it at It’s not cheap but I bought half a metre and have plenty left for more projects.

The other thing that took me ages to find was chalk. You’d think with a 4 year old I’d have plenty in the house, but the reality is I actually really hate chalk, well not so much chalk as proper chalk boards. The sound of them makes me shudder and reminds me of being at school, which is why we’ve never had one. But this chalk board is way too cool for school, and the oilcloth is not nearly as cringe-making though. Getting hold of some chalk was a nightmare. Now I am back at work part time I am loath to spend days hauling the kids into town. I eventually found some at my trusty nemesis Hobbycraft.

I’ll probably be quiet over the weekend as we are off to see more faaaamily. This time we are off Up North to celebrate my dad’s wedding. Look forward to showing you what I’m whipping up as a present for them.

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