I’ve been supermum today while DH was at work (we only get one day off a week together now I’m back at work). Betty and I made cakes while the baby was asleep and then I made her a den. It can only be accessed by the tunnel which means that I can’t get in it without destroying it. It also deters Iris who prefers instead to climb the stairs while no-one is looking.

The cakes are just a simple 4-4-2 recipe, though I halved the sugar and added a mashed banana. Betty did the decorating. Green is her favourite colour, which is actually rather nice, although like most 4 year olds this tends to take more of a priority than it should. She can have hour long tantrums over not having a green straw. An assistant in Lush gave her a bath bomb recently and instead of saying “thank you” she said “why didn’t you give me a green one?” Ungrateful wrench!


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