Today was the end of the era we shall call Doing As We Please and the start of a new era which will be known as Doing What The School Says. Yes, first day of school for Betty. And while the school eases us them in gently I fear it is going to be a shock to the system. The list of things that I don’t have for her yet include a PE kit, PE bag, more than one cardigan, a water bottle and co-ordinating hair slides. I was still ironing on labels this morning (yes, ironing them on. Not very crafty of me, but I’m afraid my sewing skills are rather more hedonistic). I just don’t think I am ready for this! Not because she is too tiny (she is), not because my baby is growing up (sob), but because DH and I are just not organised enough!

Fortunately Betty is ready. She was super excited and has been counting down the days for about a week. She didn’t start until after lunch, and was asking for lunch just after breakfast because then she could go to school. I was desperately trying to teach her to pronounce her teacher’s name proper “It’s Mrs Smith darling. Th, th!” “Mrs Smifffff. Smissss. It doesn’t matter because when I get to school I’m going to ask what her real name is and call her that.”So many things for her to learn. I’m excited for her and want to weep at the same time. How scary to be going to a place where there are lots of rules and people that you don’t yet know, everyone seems bigger than you, and you are away from the relative comfort of your daddy’s arms or your mummy’s caress. At the same time how exciting to be learning so many new things. Leaning to read her first words, and all the fantastic books just waiting to be read for the first time. The joy of learning about kings and queens, the weather, animals, the world, all for the first time and through innocent eyes. The world is her oyster, education will be her sword. All that I can do is encourage her to use it.

Can I just send the doll in her place?

My contribution to her day was a little mascot I made for her, a mini-Betty in school uniform. I bought this pattern from Kandjdolls on Etsy, and used it as a basis, though actually I’ve just found this post on her blog giving a free basic amigurumi doll pattern, one I am definitely going to store away for future use.

She's already a girl of great taste!

It’s been a day of firsts. Iris’s first shoes came in the post today. Let me just say that I did go into a nice independent shoe shop, but they didn’t have her size and couldn’t order them, so what can I do? I got them online, and they came today. They are direct from the Robeez website and so cute. The baby is pretty impressed with them. She is already obsessed with accessories. This morning she put on a necklace, a bag over her shoulder and was wondering around talking into a phone. She is 11 months. This does not bode well for the future.

First day of school, first shoes. It’s important not to feel sad and lament the passing of these milestones. I am grateful to experience these firsts, and look forward to many more. Better firsts than lasts.

6 thoughts on “A day of firsts

  1. Cute shoes. Both of them.

    We had a list of things to buy for school starting, and then the children both came home with a list of things that the teachers had forgotten. So that was quite annoying. I have finally finished kitting them out, although we have an advantage that we don’t need school uniforms.

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