Now I promised there would be no wanky photos on here, unrealistic snapshots into a seemingly perfect life. Well, I just thought I would show you a picture of my sewing cabinet. This is as close to wanky as I get. It’s not as pretty or vintage looking at some I’ve seen, but I love it. It is a place to gather my crap.


It is an old computer cabinet from IKEA. We’ve not had a PC for years but I refused to get rid of it, sure it would come in useful someday, and it has. The keyboard draw pulls out, and with a little bit of wood for stabilisation I can sit my machine on it and sew at it, which I haven’t done much admittedly.


I actually got the idea from the book Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. Suffice to say hers is much lovelier than. But then she has a craft book and makes living from this. I have a part time job, a tiny rented house, 2 young children and an IKEA cabinet. I do have crochet bunting though. That was on there just for the picture though. It would definitely be wanky if I kept it there all the time.

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