Tonight’s the night for the next mission at 2100 hours (or thereabouts!) Agent Georgia and Agent Dilly will commence Operation LEGWARMER.

Step 1 will be to recce the possible targets to assess viability, visibility and parking opportunities.

Step 2 attachment of devices will commence.

Step 3 admire handiwork and take photos.

Step 4 go home and go to bed.



A cap and sunglasses – for discretion
Spare yarn
Scissors and a thread cutter (not to be used as weapons)
Yarn needles – for sewing
Twix – rations, it could get tough out there

And here are the devices:


This one was made by Georgia, and is more of a 'felt bomb'


I’m going to attempt to track our progress live via Twitter. Follow me @DillyTante, I’m a novice twitter so bear with me!

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