If I’ve been a bit quiet for a few days it because I am busy making rather than writing. As usual I have several projects on the go, with no idea when any of them will get finished, so if I wait to show you the finished products, it will be a very quiet blog! Apols for the crappy photos by the way, I’d like DH to take them with his fancy pants camera but then I have to wait ages for him to get around to it, wait for good lighting etc.!

Book worms

First up is a yarn bomb I’ve planned, and I really need to do it tomorrow, for reasons which will become apparent. So today I will be working on these book worm book marks, which will be hung around my intended target as a yarn bomb which can be taken away. Well, everyone seems to be removing the rest of my work so I might as well make something designed to be taken! More details on these this weekend.


Second up is another yarn bomb (I’m hooked – pardon the pun!). This is just going to be a long banner of various colours and styles. My plan is to sew the word ‘Love your library’ onto it and weave it in the railings that go along the side of our local library. These are also part of an alley way leading up to the local primary school, so it will be a talking point for the kids.

Finally is the above creation. This was originally intended to be one of those lovely granny square/circle blankets. This style, with the brightly coloured middle and the white edging, I will admit has become quite ubiquitous in the crochet world, but in my defence I started this about 18 months ago, and this is quite literally as far a I have got! The chances of it becoming a blanket are very slim. So it is going to become a lampshade cover.

Now about a year and a half ago, we moved into our current house. Before here we were living in large first floor flat in a beautiful regency house. Our living room was huge, with high ceilings, 5 large sash windows (bloody freezing though!). Our furniture, which even after 6 years of marriage, is still a mismatch of beg, borrowed, stolen and cheaply bought, looked fine, if not rather bohemian and shabby chic in our old flat.

Our landlord decided to sell our lovely home from under us (poor thing, he was very nice really. You should have seen his face when as he came round to tell us he was selling I announced that I was pregnant with number two…). So we had to move, and that wasn’t such a bad thing. We were soon to become four, and we needed a house with a garden. What we ended up in is a nice, but small and boxy new build (rented again). While it is a really nice house (which no-one else has lived in, which is great for a rental) it is definitely not our style, and neither DH or I have every really felt at home here, like we have in our last two flats. However, the landlord is unlikely to sell this in the near future, it is close to DD1’s school, not far from work, and is in a nice community. Plus we can’t afford anything else! So we have to make the best of it.

We have finally decided to paint, having been overwhelmed by wall to wall magnolia for too long. We’d love to go for a sort of Scandic style, fresh clean, but with a homespun look. We don’t have much money though, so apart from the paint, and some innovative storage solutions from IKEA, we are going to have to play with what we have. Hence the lampshade cover. The walls are going to be white, which will hopefully give the place a new look. But our previous style has been very natural and neutral, so we are going to have to add splashes of colour. I’ll keep you posted as to our progress.

Michelle Clement as Scissor Quirk does granny chic production line style!

Oh, I wanted to give you some links in case you wanted to try this for yourself. Now the pattern I originally followed came from a blog which no longer exists, but there are plenty of patterns out there. Just one example is at the Yvestown blog. Plus Michelle Clement has a great tip, which I wish I’d followed, which is to do each stage separately, production line style! If I’d done that I may have made a blanket, but I’m sure my lampshade will be lovely enough 🙂

EDIT: I meant to add that in all the patterns that I have found the squares seemed a bit round. Not sure if that it a problem, but in my squares, in the last (white) round I did trebles down the sides but double trebles in the corners which made them come out more square.

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