Now, my intention for this blog was never to be journal-like, political ortoo much general musing. It is predominately a craft blog, and I want to stay within that realm. I know people follow blogs for different reasons, and most people following this one will be interested in the craft projects. Inevitably though, this blog will have different elements of me in it that will slip in, one of those, the biggest part of me, is being a mum. Again, I’m not really a ‘mummy blogger’ but kids are part of the package with any parent.

The point of this post is really to make people aware of Baby Loss Awareness Day, today, 15th October. I have been lucky enough not to have suffered the loss of a baby. But since becoming a parent I have become aware of how common miscarriage is. Far more common than Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, yet we are all much more aware of the campaign promoting awareness and prevention of SIDS than we are about miscarriage.

I think one of the issues is that miscarriage is very much a woman-focused issue. Yes, the loss of an unborn child is devastating to men as well as women, but the loss is so much more physical for women, directly impacting on their bodies and their physical and mental health. Mumsnet is leading a campaign for a better code of care for women who experience miscarriage. The stories that some women have are dreadful. I’m not going to post them here, again, that is not what my blog is about. But I urge you to read some of these stories and join the campaign to support women. MmeLindor at Salt&Caramel is hosting a blog hop if you want to read more about the campaign and people’s experiences. The loss of a baby will stay with women forever. Their treatment and support at this time can affect how those experiences will impact on their lives.

2 thoughts on “Baby Loss Awareness Day 15th October

  1. Thanks for blogging about this, as you know it is a subject that is very close to my heart. I agree that what ever happens a miscarriage or threatened miscarriage is a horrendous experience for both parents. However, wonderful care and support from medical professionals, family and friends can make all the difference. If only we could change the view that pregnancies should be kept secret until 3 months and start talking about the emotional impact of miscarriage more openly!

    1. I uhmed and ahed about posting this one as I thought ‘you, know people don’t want to come on here and read this depressing stuff’, but then I thought boo frigging hoo, shit happens, and if all they have to deal with is reading about it on a blog then they are luckier than many. So I am glad I did.

      Completely agree about the 3 month thing. You know I am awful at keeping this sort of thing to my self, and I had people seeming quite judgemental at me telling them I was pregnant before the ‘magic’ three months, after which obviously nothing goes wrong, oh no…

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