Today is the first day of NaNoWriMo. For the uninitiated that is National Novel Writing Month. The aim is to knock out a 50k + word novel in 30 days. Basically you remove yourself from life to write approximately 1400 words a day. Ok, you may still have to go to work, but if you have a very supportive family you can absolve yourself of all other responsibilities. The basic tenet behind the idea is that it is much easier to edit a fully drafted novel than to finish and edit as you go along. Instead of spending months perfecting your first chapter, perhaps a whole day devoted to naming your protagonist, you just write with abandon, until you have a very rough draft to do with as you will (I believe January is Editing Month).


Many areas have local groups, with whom you can meet up and get motivation and support. The forums are also excellent procrastination tools.


I did this a couple of years ago, with DH as well. Betty was about 18 months, so any time we had free was spent furiously typing away. We both ‘won’ in the sense that we both finished our 50,000 word, but I haven’t gone back to my novel since. It was embarrassingly bad. But it was a blast doing in and I got such a sense of achievement. I’d love to do it again. There is no way I’d have to time this year, but I definitely will do it another year.


Today was the first day so there is still plenty of time to sign up and get your first 1400 words written. You have nothing to lose, and a novel to gain. If it is just too short notice for you, or you don’t want the pressure of a ‘National’ (well, it’s international really) Novel Writing Month then stick this kit on your Christmas list and pick any 30 days and have your own NoWriMo.


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