Who lives in a house like this?

This darling sewing box house was created by Stich This just for giving away! If it were mine I couldn’t bear to part with it. She talks in this post and her next post about the beauty of ‘slow’. Stitch This is somewhat forced into the slow movement by, as she puts it, ‘Uncle Parkinson’. But she never lets it stop her embarking on projects like the sewing box house above.


Having read her blog post today, when I saw the book ‘In Praise of Slow’ by Carl Honore in the library to today I had to pick it up. All this talk of slow also means I can’t get out of my head this beautiful song, ‘Slow’ by Rumer.



I’m a terminal rusher, terrified of being late (though with two young kids I invariably am), I talk quickly and read quickly, but when I rush I always seem to make mistakes, injure myself in some way, and drop things. Time to embrace Slow I think.

7 thoughts on “Sloooowwww

  1. Oh I agree. I am a rusher and have to really try hard to be sloooooow. But whenever I take my time I make much better things as a result. I am rushing as I type this, trying to get lots of tihngs done at once, comment on your blog, reply to a thread on MN, finish a blog post, edit some photos… Really I should just go to bed.

  2. I definitely have issues with wanting everything to be done yesterday (hence my impatience and apprehension with BLW). I especially want this to be true in our house and have it picture perfect. Now trying to accept that this is going to take time and just get on with project by project (even though about 17 are in my head).

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