I don’t want this blog to become all advertisey or anything, but when I like something I can become a bit evangelical. I just wanted to share with you a couple of products I think are amazing, and both are lights.


The first is a Lumie Alarm Clock. This is a dawn simulator lamp; the idea being that you set the alarm for a certain time, and the light very gently starts to come on half an hour before. By the time your alarm goes off your room is bathed in a lovely warm glow and your body is ready to wake up. When we are asleep the brain produces melatonin which makes us sleepy. This chemical is triggered according to brightness; when it gets dark the brain starts to produce melatonin, making us feel sleepy. When it is light, the brain stops producing it.


I first got my Lumie clock about 6 or 7 years ago, after a night away in a hotel for my friend’s wedding. DH and went to bed at a perfectly respectable time, and set our alarm for about 8am. Not realising the hotel had blackout curtains, when the alarm woke us up in the pitch black we were both completely disoriented, and it felt like it was the middle of the night still, even after a respectable night’s sleep. After that I did a bit of research and soon bought the Sunray100. I can honestly say it was life changing. Mornings were suddenly much easier. I was no longer waking up feeling nauseous and shattered, but just about ready to face the day.

The Sunray100 dawn simulator

We only really use it in the winter, as natural light suffices in the summer months. As well as a dawn simulator, and a sunset simulator, the Lumie alarm clock can also be used as a bedside lamp. When I was still breastfeeding each of my children in the night I would put the light on very low, so that I could see what I was doing, but not be too disruptive. In fact when the babies were tiny and in my room we would sleep with the just just on, like a night light, all night.

The newst fancy Lumie Bodyclock

As I said I have the Sunray100. Off course now it’s on to the fancy Bodyclock Elite 300 with a radio and everything. I must admit I could do with a new one. The Sunray 100 has lasted me well, but the buttons are starting to stick a little, and the new designs are much slicker. However, mine is still going strong. I can’t recall ever having to change the special light bulb in the time I’ve had it. It has survived being drowned with a cup of tea, and several sprays with flying glasses of water. Still, if the people from Lumie are reading, I’ve been very complimentary and all, I have convinced at 4 members of my family to buy one, and now hopefully several blog readers…just saying 🙂


Now, these clocks are quite expensive, but I can’t recommend them enough. I’m going to be buying one for the girls when they finally go into the same room together, as Iris especially, is waking up extremely grumpy until she has had her hit of milk, and comes into the bedroom squinting and crying at the light. The idea with the dawn simulators is that your brain has already registered the light, so you don’t have that awful blinding moment when you switch the light on in the morning.


Now, for balance, just to show you that this isn’t an advert, the Pure Twilight also looks very cool and has a digital radio (keep up Lumie!).

The second light product I want to recommend is the Twilight Turtle by Cloud B. It is the frigging cutest light you will ever see. It projects stars and the moon onto the ceiling, in 3 choices of colours, turning off after 45 minutes. My mum bought one for Iris, but it was soon commandeered by Betty. That was fine at first, as Iris, until recently, was mostly feeding to sleep. Now, however, Iris is mostly crying herself to sleep, after continually performing breastfeeding gymnastics until I get fed up and put her down. Betty, by this time, is reluctant to relinquish the Turtle. DH pointed out that she often puts it on when she wakes in the night, so it would be mean to take it away. Cue the Twilight Ladybird. I lied before, this is actually the cutest light you have ever seen. Same as the Turtle, both show 8 or 9 constellations and the moon. The Turtle glows either green, amber or blue; the ladybird red, green or blue. They are quite expensive, at around ÂŁ30, but are a hit with both the kids.

Get these on your Christmas lists, you won’t regret it!


8 thoughts on “Light of my life

  1. The ladybug is wonderful. Definitely going on The Duchess’ Christmas List. Thanks so much for the recommendations. Do they play music too or do they just project?

  2. Interesting. Didn’t know that about the melatonin etc. I have always wondered why I feel pants when I wake up in the dark, when I’ve had the same amount of sleep as I do in the Summer. Us brits have got to think about these things, and it’s great when there’s an invention to help with the situation!!! In Kenya, it gets dark at 7.30ish the whole way through the year and light at about 5 in the morning. I guess thats what you get when you live slap bang next to the equator!

  3. just ordered a turtle from a disability aid website for my grandson. I can see I will be ordering some more in due course. I’ve wanted one of the daylight alarms for a while, I already use a SAD light on dark days in winter. Can’t afford it at the moment , but I think it will be putting it on my birthday list. I’m always a bit dubious, especially when an item isn’t cheap, it’s good to read other people’s opinions.

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