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Apologies for the dreadful title. How long do you think before I get fed up with trying to make things rhyme!

In between frantic present making and buying I had time to make a quick yarn bomb. And this one really was quick. A string of crochet fairy lights. Tutorial here, though you barely need it as they are so simple to make. As you may have realised, I like quick and easy, and these took less than and hour. The biggest drag was sewing in all the ends. I tried just tying them off together but the knot broke when I tried to crochet them to the chain, so I swiftly abandoned that idea.

Crochet fairy lights

I was unsure how to secure them, so asked my Tweeps (Twitter peeps for all you Luddites) who suggested zip ties. It was only after googling them I realised they meant cable ties. WE CALL THEM CABLE TIES YOU WEIRDY TWEEPS!

I popped into Poundland and was distressed to find that none of their ties would fit around my intended post. It was only after a good five minutes that I realised I could join them up to make them bigger. I know, could I be more dense? Picked up a pack for, obviously, a pound. Yes Mr Chap on the Poundland till, I actually would like to add a pack of 3 Caramacs to my purchase.


Off to my target, which I had already marked using Google Earth. I picked a lamppost near the Art Gallery and Museum outreach centre. The actual museum and gallery is shut for major refurbishment. But they really liked the horse of theirs which I defaced, so I thought they’d appreciate it. They may be the only ones!


Shadow Stitch has initiated a Yarnvent Calendar, which she is trying to get other people involved in. How she has had the time in this busy season I don’t know. Don’t think I can get 24 out before Christmas but here is a start.