Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer had a very multi-coloured nose...

I’ve been super mummy today (well, I kinda ruined it by shouting myself hoarse at bedtime, but that is another story…). Spent a small fortune in Sainsbury’s for school stuff, a couple of tombola items, ingredients for cakes for the school fair tomorrow, some spare knickers to donate (got a a desperate text asking for spares, and it is probably Betty using most of them anyway), ingredients for Christmas fudge to give to teachers for Christmas.

I had this great idea that Betty’s friend would come over for tea and we would make reindeer cakes which I spotted on the Mum of All Trades blog. I would win brownie points on multiple fronts: crafty activity with Betty; looking after a friend’s child; equipping said child cakes for the school fair tomorrow, therefore absolving her of that responsibility; and donating scores of beautiful homemade cakes to the school fair.

Earlier in the week I got a text from said friend “he wants to make Spiderman cakes – what shall I tell him?” “Fine” I said, after all they are his cakes to take. Well, if he wanted to make Spiderman cakes, Betty would to. I thought we’d make both Spiderman and reindeer cakes.


Urggh, absolutely exhausting trying to supervise two four-year olds to make sell-able, well, edible, cakes. Even more exhausting trying to stop them eating chocolate buttons and Smarties (four tubes to get about 10 bloody red ones! So, not all of them have red noses I’m afraid).

Chaos of my kitchen

The chocolate ones are sadly a little dry as I didn’t compensate for the cocoa powder. Oh well, if people don’t like them I’ll blame the kids! I’ll have to buy them all back from the cake stall!

Spidercake, spidercake, does whatever a spidercake does!

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