I’ve downloaded Instagram onto my iPhone and been playing around with it. I’ve been reticent up till now, not wanting to jump on a very full bandwagon. Blogs are full of delightfully retro photos, so much so that I was worried my photos would look mundane and out of touch.


Funny how now we have incredibly sophisticated cameras which slip in our pockets. But we are now using this technology to recapture a feeling of nostalgia and halcyon days.


DH is a photographer, and a damn good one at that. Our house is full of lovely natural shots of the kids, fantastic lighting, and photoshopped just a touch to enhance their natural features, but in a way that you would notice – like natural barely there make up, when we all know the real au natural look would scare the children.


Yet my 1980s/90s photo albums contain pictures of me and my siblings in mundane scenarios such as us just sitting on the sofa, us eating dinner. In 500 years time historians will look at these photos and try and figure out what the lurid orange stick like food is being eaten by people in the pre-Internet era. All the photos are in these albums. The ones with red-eye, peoples thumbs over the lens. I have a classic one from a uni Christmas ball of one of my friends snogging a random guy, all blurry and poor lightening, with a helpful sticker from Boots saying ‘subject too close’.


My husband would die rather than display a slightly out of focus photo with red-eye. With the aid of Photoshop he can even improve old photos, almost literally changing the past. Of course, he has great integrity and tries to stay true to his subjects. Though what picture of a gorgeous toddler isn’t improved by having the rivers of snot photoshopped out?


I’ll leave you with my experiments with Instagram then. Our Christmas decorations. We don’t go for minimalist or a theme. Just our usual mismatch of styles, and child friendly. But with special filters, courtesy of Instagram you can imagine that I am living the innocent life of some unspecified era, when things were better than they are now.


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