Right, we’re on the home straight. It’s been a hideous week with everyone having some version of D&V, lots of wasted days, kids watching far too much TV and me not being able to get everything I wanted to get done. I’m nearly there though.


This lovely like garland, however, was made a few weeks ago. I found myself at Knitting Group with no project, mostly because I get all my patterns on line, and rarely print them off. The Knitting Lady was selling some of her yarn stash for silly prices, so I picked up some green yarn, which looked and felt like a 4-ply merino or something. Anyway, I started knocking it up into triangles. It’s easy enough, make a chain, DC into each stitch in every other row, then on the alternate rows DC2tog at either end, until you reach a point. I added a couple of rows of 2dc in brown yarn, and attached them to a chain. I also gave them a coat of fabric stiffener.


Unfortunately I don’t have a mantle piece or anything to hang them from, so they are just randomly in the middle of the wall! As you can see, I am almost a complete instagram convert now. Just give me a virtual slap when I start becoming a cliche!

One thought on “On the 11th day of Christmas my true love made for me…a garland of Christmas trees

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