My lovely friend has recently moved into a new house. She lives in a village in the mountains in North Wales, and we went there for New Year. Her house is lovely, with bright white walls and simple rustic furniture, but she asked me to make her something to add a little splash of colour. So for her birthday in January I made her this pretty butterfly frame.

The butterfly pattern was from Marie’s Making, and was really easy. A bit more fiddly was the bead and wire antennae, but I made good use of my new glue gun. The butterflies themselves are actually crocheted with DMC and Anchor embroidery floss. It’s perfect for delicate creations, and while it works out more expensive than yarn, the range of colours is huge. The butterflies are mounted (with glue) onto linen in a glassless box frame from Sainsbury’s.


My friend loved the picture, she said it was the best present she’d ever had <cries with joy>. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos before I gave it to her, so these pictures are courtesy of my friend.

12 thoughts on “Birthday butterflies

  1. I adore those butterflies, and if you sold them at a Christmas craft fair I would most certainly buy some! I am a little obsessed with butterflies, and love drawing them, as you will see when your post arrives! ;-). My living room has a collection of butterflies in frames, and this would go perfectly with my theme! You have to make more.

  2. When I’ve finished making granny squares I’m definitely going to try a butterfly – they’re simply gorgeous! Would they work as a tree decoration with a little string attached? If so thought they could join the knitted birds!

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