Ok, after all the yarn bombing excitement today I remembered that I had offered a give away. But first, I have been completely remiss in reporting my prize from another give away by So Resourceful. I recently received these lovely fabric dishes and zippered purse. I have yet found a use for them yet, it’s a case of not having anything special enough, and not wanting to just fill them with the usual crap! I’m absolutely delighted with them though, and suggest you all check out her blog for some of her other creations.


Anyway, to my give away. You can see all the entries in my custom made hat (duh! Just realising I could have used one of my new dishes!).

Not Betty as promised, but my beloved husband.

And the winner is….


Cassandra Parkin! Well done Cassandra! I will email you to get your details so I can send you Stitch and Sparkle!


Thanks for all the inspiration everyone. I have decided to go with the idea from Stitch This:

This is what I am going to stitch into my tiny frame, y'know, when I get around to it...

Look forward to showing you the end result!


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