So the 411 on the heart is it’s still there. Clearly people have written messages but no one has emailed any to me yet. I’ve taken a stake out position, as you can see above, and so far I’ve seen plenty of people look but no messages yet.

I did do one just to start the trend, here is one for my needy mother who demanded a message from me this morning:


I guess I should really write one for DH shouldn’t I…

UPDATE: I did catch some girls having a go – good on them! But where are all the romantic young men out there?


2 thoughts on “The heart lives on but is romance dead?

  1. I meant to comment on your original post about this, but I lost track of time. I think this is a brilliant idea! If my boyfriend and I had seen something like this, we definitely would have played with it. I may need to borrow the idea of using the chalkboard vinyl in a yarn bomb of my own some time. I’d like to see stuff like this around town every day!

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