I’ve had an exhausting day today. My mum came up, along with my sister, sister in law and their respective sons. The boys are aged 20 months and 7 months, so along with my two you can imagine how full our little house seemed. I spent the day cleaning, shopping, cooking, baking and pacifying various children.

I gave my sister in law the mei tai sling that I was desperately trying to finish at 10.30 last night. I have several ‘pinjuries’ as a result but I’m pretty pleased with it.

There are some scrappy bits. I’m not brilliant with a sewing machine, and if truth be told I don’t love doing it. May I will love it more if I become better at it, vicious cycle really. But I do love the pleasure of having made something myself. And I just hope other people don’t see the scrappy bits which are glaringly obvious to me. This is the tutorial that I based the sling on, though without a headrest.

Hold on to your uteruses ladies!

Final update on the heart. Sadly no one game enough to email me their message. Nor did I hear from the flower recipient. However, a local photographer emailed me. He thought my heart was a great idea and blogged about it here.

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