Traditionally in our house on Mother’s or Father’s day the parent in question gets to absolve themselves of all parenting responsibilities for the day. Maybe that sounds not quite in the spirit of the day, however the reality is every day is Mother’s and Father’s day. Parenting is a relentless task, and with a 4 year old and a 1 year old, as well a both of us working, we are pretty much permanently exhausted. Even when they are asleep you don’t switch off as a parent, plus you never know what time you might be woken, so find yourself in bed ridiculously early. If you haven’t read the book What Mothers Do, Especially When it Looks Like Nothing then you really should get a copy ASAP. I must admit I’ve never got past the first two chapters (who has the time) but as I read them I wept. It reinforced what I already knew: motherhood is relentless, you are never ‘off’ being a mother.

So one day of light duties a year seems very little to ask in the grand scheme of things. And actually it means I just do the nice things with my children for a change, no cooking,no bottom wiping or refereeing arguments. I imagine it’s very much like having a nanny back in the 1920s. Perfect! But you know what? One day of it is enough. Yes it is nice just doing all the fun bits of parenting, and I am probably a nicer parent as a consequence, but in fact it is in doing all these menial repetitive tasks with your children that you forge the bonds with them. Betty might wail the whole time I nit comb her hair but for other primates it’s a bonding process. And while it is tough on the days that Iris wants to be held all day, but it means she loves me and it bonded to me. And it is those bonds that are going to ensure that my children come back and look after me in my dotage!

On top of the lovely card Betty made for me in school, breakfast in bed and a lie in, I got a present too! My lovely DH took the massive hint I left on my blog and bought me this gorgeous bracelet from Goddess Jewels UK.


Here’s a better picture:

Not only did she offer a discount but she did a rush job. This one was made to measure for my freakishly small wrists. It’s a beautiful piece of spring time that I can wear whenever I want.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all, and I hope you were as lucky as me 🙂


4 thoughts on “What Mothers Do…

  1. hurrah for clever children buying exactly what you wanted for mother’s day (and perhaps a little hurrah for your husband for aiding them in their cunning plan!)

    1. Ha ha! My rings are really tiny too, size F. You’d think I was really skinny but I’m really not! Just have freakishly small wrists! Thanks again. I posted on Mumsnet too so hopefully you can get some custom out of me 🙂

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