This is a guest post I wrote for sexpositiveparenting. It’s a new blog exploring sex and gender issues in parenting.

Sex Positive Parenting

In the sea of pink that inevitably comes with having a newborn baby girl our eldest daughter seems to have emerged as a slight oddity: she wants to be a boy. For the sake of anonymity I’ll refer to her throughout this article as Taylor. It is has become a unisex name in recent years, but mainly it is her name of choice for when she is a boy. It certainly wasn’t on our list for either a boy or a girl!

Taylor is nearly 5, but from the age of 2 she professed her favourite colour to be green, and has for the most part stuck with that choice. DH and I were slightly smug, right on parents with a girl who eschewed the regulation pink. It quickly became the bane of our lives as everything which came in a colour option had to be green, such is the…

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  1. Great piece… speaking as the father of a boy who was disappointed not to be wearing a bridesmaids dress like his sisters at a recent wedding, fascinating reading!

    1. That’s harder as it is more acceptable for a girl to dress as a boy than a boy as a girl. DH heard on the school run recently a mum say to her 5yo boy holding hands with another boy “Don’t do that, it’s weird”. V sad.

  2. I totally agree – I think lots of boys go through a ‘pink’ phase too and have it jumped on because it’s not boyish. The urge to ‘stamp’ on it seems to be stronger when it’s a boy showing an interest in traditionally ‘girl’ things. I hate it. Sounds like you are doing the right thing with your daughter although I agree that it’s hard when you want them to value the good things about being a girl. It would be soo lovely if everyone could just be who they were without it having such an impact on the opportunities that might be available.

  3. A great post Dilly, she might be a bit young, but Jump! was launched as an online magazine alternative to the pink and sparkly that’s out there for girls. It’s mostly written by kids, and started by a Mumsnetter too 🙂 you should have a look

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