I should start this post by warning you that I am quite grumpy. And that is mainly because I hate Bank Holidays. A heinous crime, I know. Bank Holidays are a gift of a day. A day off work, a day to spend as you chose. Well, that is not quite true, as since I’ve had children most days involve early starts and more Peppa Pig than is recommended, which isn’t really of my choosing.

Bank Holidays, for some reason, send me into a state of paralysis. They make me feel like I should Do Stuff, and there is so much stuff that I want to do that I feel overwhelmed. I buckle under the pressure of trying to make the most of this gift of a day. As a result I get almost nothing done, but instead of feeling relaxed and rejuvenated I feel like I haven’t achieved anything, and have wasted a day. This Jubilee weekend means there are two of the damn days, just taunting me with their freedom and possibilities, while smugly knowing that I will do almost nothing of use.

Today, though not a Bank Holiday, was a taster of what is to come. Most of our days revolve around Iris’s sleep, which is inconveniently slap bang in the middle of the day. We pottered around this morning, and the plan for the afternoon was to pop out and get comics and magazines all round. I know I have previously reported on my distaste for magazines, but that is reserved women’s fashion and lifestyle glossies. I have succumbed to the lure of Psychologies Magazine, which is actually slightly more intelligent and credible than the usual women’s magazines (incidentally I didn’t buy it today as it didn’t look that interesting this month).

While we were out we popped into the Early Learning Centre to get a birthday present for my nephew. It was in the process of closing down, which is a shame, because as much as I do my shopping online, I usually go into actual shops for the kids toys. Actually, I get most of them at NCT Nearly New Sales, but the rest I often get from the ELC. Admittedly the ELC has gone down in my estimation recently due to its insistence in peddling pink versions of all of its toys, for girls one must assume.

But that was nothing compared to the hideousness that I found whilst queuing for comics for the kids in WHSmiths. Ladies and Gentlemen, pinkification has officially taken over the world:


Clearly the concept of the sea being blue and land being green is too much for girls, whose brains are full of too much sugar and spice and all things nice.

That just was just the pink icing on the cake for this Bank Holiday weekend for me.


7 thoughts on “Pink Holiday Blues

  1. Pink globe = yuk. I TOTALLY know what you mean about Bank Holidays. For me, it filled me with a sense of dread for what the Summer Holidays will bring. Indecision, faffing, lack of purpose, no clear plans, having to entertain DH (a teacher) as well as the children…

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