So, I’ve just got back from my yarn bombing. I’m wet. Very wet. And it’s late (well, it’s late for me!) so this is just a quick update. In the end my posse consisted of me, Georgia and Stitch This, and later Georgia’s friend who came to see what the fuss was about and was commandeered into taking photos, while the rest of us dashed about furiously threading with needles, cheating with garden wire, and stepping in puddles. All in all we deposited 16 yarn bombs, large and small. The above is just a sample, I will try and get some better photos before they all disappear.


19 thoughts on “Town Hall Yarn Bomb

  1. Awesome! I’ve so wanted to do some of this myself but I haven’t knit anything for years…maybe I should bead something instead 😉 There’s a large statue of a head in my town though, and I want to knit it a bobble hat.

  2. So wonderful! I wish I could have popped over to see them today, but sadly have had too much to cram into my day off. Would love to do some yarn bombing in Gloucester!

  3. Hi It looks brill well done,did send you a message via yarnstorming website as we live not far from cheltenham ,at Moreton in marsh and yarnbomb locally if you ever want to join us you are welcome we meet up every fortnight in a local pub for a knit and natter

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