So, it’s about time I did a proper write up of Tuesday night’s yarn bombing. I’d been planning it for weeks, spending most evenings making bollard cosies and lamp post tags.


We have adopted the Montpellier Chapter as our den of iniquity. It’s a very “naice” place (originally chosen because it was the only place NOT showing the football). This was the second time we had been in there, crocheting away, the table strewn with wool. The waiter came in periodically, a faint look of bemusement on his face, but unfailingly polite. We finished up our creations there with a cup of tea. Actually Georgia was still sewing hers up as we were walking to our target!

Our initial target was a big public garden in the town. Wednesday was the start of the local music festival and all the festivals are based in this garden. Well, nearly all of them. We turned up at the gardens with nary a marquee or even a tent in sight. I quickly checked on my iPhone to see if I’d got the right dates. I had, but no mention of location. Stitch This suddenly had a brainwave that the music festival is usually held at the Town Hall. So we traipsed in the pouring rain to the Town Hall. “Are there even any bollards near the Town Hall?” I wailed, bollards being central to this yarn bomb. “There’d better be. I’ve just spent two chuffing hours on this train finishing this thing getting weird looks” replied Stitch This. Except she didn’t say “chuffing”.

Through an alley way and outside the Town Hall we found a bollard-tactic vista and got cracking straight away. It was getting late for us poor tired mothers of young children (sorry to ruin the mystique for you there).

It was lashing with rain, but it didn’t really matter. It just made things a bit awkward that we couldn’t put our bags down while we were sewing up. Instead we were manically running around, swapping scissors and yarn needles.


Most of the bollard cosies had been pre-sewn to make it easier to just slip them over but a couple still had to been sewn on as did the lamp post tags.


This was Stitch This’s first foray into yarn bombing and she was giddy with excitement. Her yarn bombs were a green sea creature closely resembling a head on a stick, and a magic wand with the words “Music is Magic” sewn on, and even some gold sparks! The wand was actually a mash up of some UFOs including a scarf of doom.

I ummed and ahhed over whether or not to add a tag. It seemed very self promoting and I thought it might ruin the air of mystery. However I put a lot of work into the project and it would be nice to have more visitors to my blog. In the end I did and I added a message saying that if people wanted to take the yarn bombs to please think about it and remember the yarn can be undone a recycled. I love yarn bombing, even if it has become less subversive and more ubiquitous. But the only slightly negative comment I have ever had was questioning the wastefulness of all that yarn, which was a good point. I have to hope that people who take the yarn bombs do so because they want them for decorative purposes, and if not hopefully my note will make them think twice.



All in all they made for a great sight. I haven’t actually seen them in broad daylight, but I have been updated by various Twitter observers that they are still in situ. The Cheltenham Town Hall staff were very pleased with them and have been tweeting about them and putting pictures on their Facebook page.

Picture from the Cheltenham Town Hall Face Book page
More from Cheltenham Town Hall Face Book page

My new posse and I have big plans for the next festival, and we are going to keep meeting at the Montpellier Chapter (you think if I mention them enough times they will give us a discount?) so watch this space…

14 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of a yarn bombing

  1. This is fantastic. I’m contemplating a bit of a yarn bomb/storm myself but I’m a bit scared! I hope whoever takes your creations uses them wisely! They are gorgeous 🙂

  2. Lovely. I had one outside my house and rescued it! Wish I could have seen it in person. I can’t crochet but could knit a square if you would let me be part of your yarning xxx

  3. I’m hoping to go to Cheltenham today to aee the yarn bombs in the flesh! Now, I have crocheted a little daisy and if it feels courageous enough, you might find it sprouts on one of your yarn bombs! Is this allowed? Is it a weed? (it will be attached with a paper clip, so easy to remove without damaging anything. ) ….Unless I get a reply saying ‘don’t do it!’ , which I’d completely understand. The intention is to show my appreciation and leave a little ‘thank you’ in kind, but if you feel uncomfortable about your yarn bombs getting bombed themselves, I dont need much of a hint to chcken out of it!

      1. I swapped a strawberry for a cotton daisy. I would love to know what you used on the strawberries to stiffen them up. All the daisy got was a quick spray with waterproof shoe protector. Whilst there, a couple of guys were showing an interest and stopped to ask about it. (So if you’re reading this now guys, post a comment & say hello!)
        There seems to be a couple of bollard covers gone…Five still there, and the one on the bench.

      2. Yay! How did you feel? Brave enough to chat to some onlookers anyway! Did you take a picture?

        I brushed fabric stiffener (just from Sue’s Craft) on the strawberries. You can dilute it so that it is less noticeable. It’s just a bit like glue.

        Thanks for the addition 🙂

      3. I am still getting to know Cheltenham. Until now I had no idea that the High Street Jenner Gardens (& Sue’s Crafts) are around the corner from Bath Road, where I get my hair cut & where I park! Great! 😀
        I did take some photos, I’ll try twitter to link them…

  4. I think it says a lot about Cheltenham, and especially the good folks at the Town Hall that they haven’t been removed. Really, really awesome stuff!

  5. Love that the Hall staff are so excited and pleased! Keep up the stealth yarn bombing. Almost convinced to have a go, having found one near me…

  6. Hi Dilly, We love your posts, we need more yarn bombing! We will try and keep up with your antics but please tweet us @welovecraft when you are out bombing again

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