I mentioned that I had plans for the dominoes that I recently bought from a charity shop. Well I got this idea from Lulastic, a blog that is basically a cooler version of mine, with a bit more lentilly parenting thrown in for good measure. Anyway, she had the idea of sticking magnets on the back of thrifted (now there is a wanky word du jour – just trying it out!) dominoes and sticking them to the fridge.

I had some strips of sheet magnet that I ripped off something before I threw it away, can’t remember what, but I left them on my fridge waiting for the right project. This was definitely it. I just cut up the strips and glue gunned a piece onto the back of each domino. It took 5 minutes in all and looks very cool. The kids love it and just make patterns with the dominoes, but I think it will be a good game for Betty to play, when I figure out how the rules myself…

One thought on “DIY domino magnets

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