Brunch with friends
Not quite the idyllic affair seen on most foodie blogs but the best we can do with two 5 years olds and two 2 year olds

We don’t really have any traditions in our house yet. Our kids are too young for regular rituals beyond watching Fireman Sam, they don’t even have daily baths (yes – shock horror!). But recently Sunday Brunch has become a regular feature of our house. I love brunch, the only meal where you can eat a muffin and it counts as part of the meal. Usually we just have bacon and eggs, a bit of OJ and toast, but I’ve been branching out a bit recently.

Last week I made ‘pain perdu’ or French toast, eggy bread, but sweetened and with cinnamon. I made it using leftover bread that I had made earlier in the week, and served it with bacon, maple syrup and caramelised banana. The salty bacon made a surprisingly delicious accompaniment to the sweetened eggy bread and syrup.

This week I forgot to get anything special in so decided to make some banana pancakes from Nigella’s Feast. Luckily we had some berries in to balance out the carb fest, plus the compulsory maple syrup. At the last minute we were joined by friends who were coming for communal car washing, but came earlier than expected. Fortunately there is always more pancake mixture than needed, so it saved DH and I scoffing the lot.

Anyway, I thought that I might post about our brunching exploits, if it becomes a regular thing, and use it as a excuse to muse upon the news of the week, kind of like reading the Sunday papers (now there’s a long gone tradition since having kids).

Here’s a little bit of music to get you in the mood…

Banana pancakes

So, tummy full of pancakes, let’s consider the world this week: well, the Paralympics is drawing to a close, and what a games it has been, exceeding expectations all round. We have a new set of heroes and heroines, and for many a new language for talking about disability like we never have before. There are tests commonly used in psychology called Implicit Associations Tests which are used to measure unconscious feelings about something. Basically you are given a list of words or pictures and asked to assign them to one of two categories, e.g. Good and Bad. Your response time to make your selection is then recorded, we are talking milliseconds here. They are often done using emotive themes such as race and religion and have consistently found biases towards white race and positive categories and non white races and less positive attributes (I’m probably not explaining this very well and don’t have any references, but this is Sunday brunch so let’s not get too hung up). Researchers found they could reverse the negative unconscious biases against black people by priming participants before hand with positive images. They showed clips of black athletes winning medals at Olympic Games.

All this a roundabout way of saying that I hope all the recent coverage of the success and tenacity of these Paralympic games has changed people’s subconscious perceptions of the disabled. It seems trite to even used that term now, as I don’t think I saw anyone ‘dis’ abled in these games. I saw people well and truly ‘differently’ abled. Is that still considered a wanky term? Sorry if it is.

So, onto politics, if one doesn’t mind over breakfast, and Cameron has make some quite frankly nefarious decisions about who should be helping him run the country. A climate change skeptic as Environment Minister; our NHS will now be run by a man who supports homeopathy but not abortion; and a man who supported the rights of a B&B to turn away a gay couple now Minister for Justice. You can’t make this stuff up. I’d laugh if I didn’t want to cry. All we needs for the rape denying, anti-choice for women Republicans to win this November’s US elections and the we might as well give up all hope. While these privileged white men get to decide how the rest of us should live our lives I fear that women’s rights will be put back too far to get any traction to come back from. If you didn’t see my post yesterday I nearly went on Radio 4’s Any Questions to argue as such.

On a positive note though, my friend sent me this fab video of a US diaper commercial. She explains to me that their long running ad campaign has been that first time mums buy big brands like Huggies first time round then with their second child they get real and chose Luvs diapers. This ad tackles breastfeeding and in the first five seconds you are thinking this is all going to go horribly wrong, they are going to bring out a bottle for the second time mum…but they don’t, and it’s ace!


So, plates are empty, we’ve have gorged ourselves on banana pancakes, I’ve dissected a little of the world this week. See you next Sunday? Who knows, I might even have a post ready in time for brunch!

2 thoughts on “Dilly’s Sunday Brunch

  1. The advert is indeed ace, although I had to watch a scond time to work out that she didn’t actually stick two fingers up at him, and say something fairly rude!

    Pancakes … I made choc chip ones last weekend and they were so much better than I expected, which is really not something I needed to know. Oh well!

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