Apologies for lack of brunch post last Sunday. I was at Center Parcs with no signal. In case you are interested brunch last week was Coco Pops for the kids and scrambled eggs for me. We know how to live.

So today’s brunch was a bit of a disaster. I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for cinnamon buns for ages now. You can taste them now can’t you? Buttery, cinnamony; soft sticky buns, perfect for brunch. I made the dough, rolled the filling into it. These babies require a coronary inducing amount of butter. Covered the buns in goo and put them in the fridge overnight. I took them out this morning and they looked good. After letting them stand for an hour or so out of the fridge, I cooked them as stated in the recipe. I didn’t check that they weren’t browning too much. I didn’t have time; I was tidying up. I’d invited friends over to partake in the cinnamony goodness. I’d built up a whole brunch around these buns. Well, as the well known saying goes, don’t put all your cinnamon buns in one baking tray:

Hmmm, bit of a disaster no? But I always promised on this blog that I would show you warts and all, none of this smug perfect life crap. So instead I dispatched DH to the Co Op for bacon and the finest pastries the shop had to offer:


So, what’s hit my radar this week? Well, I signed the No More Page 3 campaign petition. How can it be that in this day and age a national newspaper, one of the most widely read in the country, can have a page dedicated to exposing women for men’s titillation? I’m not great on arguing the theory so I urge to read this great blog by Week Woman who delves into it a bit more.

On a more frivolous note, I spotted this necklace on Twitter and I have rather fallen in love with it. Rock Cakes has some other rather weird and wonderful pieces in her Etsy shop so you should definitely check it out.

Even more frivolously, next thing on my wish list is an ice cream maker. Wait a minute, that’s not frivolous. Ice cream is absolutely essential in life. And my favourite is the rather expensive Hagan Daaz. I’ve never really coveted an ice cream maker before, assuming them to be an expensive and under used appliance but this one is really cheap! I was flicking through Which? magazine which happened to be in my local library this week and found a review of ice cream makers. This Nuo ice cream maker from Robert Dyas gets excellent reviews, and is just a couple of points of being one of their Best Buys. Just looking at the website now it is reduced to £14.99! Now that is a best buy. Even if you only use it a few times, for the price of 3 tubs of Hagan Daaz you can have gorgeous, homemade, additive free ice cream in about 20 minutes.

Finally, on this rather chilly Sunday, I want to share with you a blog I’ve discovered. Lakota at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping is crafty, thrifty very funny. Her take on Mollie Makes is hilarious, you should definitely give it a read.

So that’s Sunday nearly over. The Sunday night work anxiety kicks in, so I’m going to numb it with a cup of tea and The Gilmore Girls. Have a good week!

3 thoughts on “Dilly’s Sunday Brunch (Disaster)

  1. I can empathise, I have a habit for burning stuff. I am so forgetful its scary, tea towels set on fire, in our last house I put a pot of stock on at lunchtime, went back to work and came home to a house full of smoke!

  2. My OH keeps telling me I spend too much time reading blogs. Wait till she finds out I’ve also spent £15 on an ice cream maker as well!

    Those cinnamon buns look lovely. See, my baking skills mean I’ve plenty of experience seeing the potential loveliness through a burnt pastry!

  3. Ha, my boyfriend always tells me that I should use a timer when baking, and I say that I can just guess when I need to check on things. You are not the only one who sometimes makes things a bit crispier than intended.

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