I’ve waxed lyrical on here several times about Mumsnet. My love for Mumsnet knows no bounds, and in fact it is really down to Mumsnet that I am even blogging. Just over a year ago they started up their blog network. It was then that I realised that everyone was in fact blogging, and I should really jump on the band wagon. Until then I thought blogging was just narcissistic and attention seeking. Then I realised that I am in fact an attention-seeking narcissist an I might as well embrace it.

Well, in about a month, MN is holding BlogFest, their very own blog conference, with all kinds of great speakers, including Caitlin Moran, Fi Glover and Zoe Williams. There will be various discussions and clinics related to blogging, and lots of drinking networking opportunities.

You don’t have to be a MN blogger to go, you don’t even have to be a blogger! Tickets are £75, and you get to spend all day in the heady heights of the swanky Millbank Tower.


I for one can’t wait. Usually I’d be pretty nervous, but actually I have a group of people I have grown to know through my social networking and we are all keen to meet each other. The biggest dilemma will be what to wear. I also am lucky that my real life friend Stitch This will also be going, and is hosting a live blogalong, so even if you can’t make it you can follow the goings on and gossip.

Other visitors to BlogFest are posting detailed get-to-know posts in advance, with pictures and everything. Well, I am rather camera shy so instead I will give you my nearest likeness:

Those of you who know me will agree the likeness is in my dreams uncanny.

If you are reading this in anticipation of meeting me, but haven’t read my blog (er, why the hell not?) then I suppose you could sum my blog up as a little bit crafty, strongly feminist, occasionally ranty, self-improving, psychological, with a little bit of parenting and humour thrown in. And if you can’t recognise me by the above photo, then I’ll probably be the one with the crochet. No, not Stitch This, the other one with the crochet.

In real life, without my keyboard to slow me down and the ability to edit before I speak, you should know I talk a lot. A lot a lot. But don’t let me fool you, mostly it’s a sign of nerves rather than confidence, and a tendency to think out loud, as is common to extroverts. It’s worse when I drink which is why I will at least wait until midday try and abstain.

Suffice to say I am super excited, and can’t wait to meet people such as:
Madam Guillotine
Lynn from Salt and Caramel
and (and loads more but can’t remember who is and isn’t going!)
And of course the lovely peeps at Mumsnet Towers

(No, not him, God, I hope he won’t be there!).

19 thoughts on “I’m going to Mumsnet Blogfest

  1. I wish I could be there but I won’t so I will send you a badge with my face on it just so you don’t all forget about me (‘all’ meaning about 3 of you).

  2. Just a quick question for you. I’ve registered but nowhere was I asked to specify which sessions I want to attend. In the FAQ they say that when you register they will ask you. Did you get the opportunity to specify which session you want to attend…?

    1. That’s so great that you are coming! Was it my post that swayed you because you should totally tell Mumsnet that, I might get commission!

      I haven’t been asked about sessions either. Maybe the mean when you register on the day. If I find out I’ll let you know. Will be great to meet you!

      1. It was absolutely your post that inspired me! I’ve sent an email to the organisers asking about registering for the sessions and also told them that I registered because of this post. I’ll let you know what they say 🙂

  3. Enjoy! Am horribly jealous. Trying to think of ways I could attend but I fear with a due date of 22nd October, it’s not a good idea for me to attempt it 😦

  4. I’m going too but will have to avoid you if you look like Sandra Bullock as I am a bit scared of impressively quoifed types.
    Hope you don’t (look like her) as I would like to say ‘Hello – Liked your Post!’ and stuff like that.

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