Fox Cushion

You may remember a few months ago I made a wolf cushion based on a fox I saw on the Guardian craft blog. Well I had a request for a friend of my mum’s who has a bit of a thing about foxes and my mum wanted to give her a similar cushion as a birthday present.

I didn’t have time to scout out any fabric to recycle so I ordered some dotty orange fabric from Fabric Rehab, and came up with this foxy creation.

3 thoughts on “Foxy laydee

  1. Hello there, I’ve just been having a nosy around your blog. It’s great! I’m new to blogging, only started in march, but am a bit of an addict. Thanks for the follow on twitter. I agree with you about the annoyance of people stating the don’t watch the news etc…I bet they do really, they just want to be a bit controversial! I’m a fellow fabric rehaber, your fox cushion is great and I agree somewhat sexy! Have a great weekend.


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