Today for the first time I made soda bread. I’ve never had it before and it basically tasted like a large salty scone. Not sure if that was how it was supposed to taste, but it was nice enough nonetheless. I also made banana pancakes, which interestingly are very similar to the soda bread in terms of ingredients, flour, baking powder, buttermilk (I use natural yoghurt mixed with milk). The pancakes also have eggs and mashed banana, and are delicious (and not too bananary). This carb fest was randomly accompanied by sausages and chopped banana, maple syrup and ketchup, though not all together!

So, big news in the Dilly household: I have definitely decided to do my MSc Occupational Psychology and I start (assuming the accept me) in January! This is going to mean a huge amount of work on top of an already busy life. Somethings will have to take a back seat. I’m hoping blogging won’t be one of them. I will still need some down time, and I think it will make an interesting evolution to my blog to discuss managing life as a part time student, and to explore aspects of the course. I am going to have to be scrupulous about time management though. The course should take me two years to complete, then I hope to embark on a new career.

One of the things I want to continue to stay true to are my feminist principles, and in the spirit of that I direct you to this interview with Jessica Ennis in today’s Observer. It’s only been to and a half months an already the Olympics feel like a age away. Let’s not forget the incredible achievement of the British athletes, especially the women. Jessica was the poster girl for the events and in the interview she discusses the pressure she was under to perform. My only disappointment is the resignation with which she accepts the objectification of her and her contemporaries; “I think it happens in every walk of life, doesn’t it?” She says in the interview. Even in 2012 a massively successful, strong woman believes that lewd videos of herself splashed all over the Internet are just part of life, so pervasive are the messages that women can be treated like objects, and indeed invite such treatment.

Jessica is a still young, and maybe it is just one more fight she doesn’t want to have. Hopefully we can bring up the next generation of women with the strength and confidence to know that they don’t have to accept such treatment as inevitable and even deserved. Examples of such young women can be seen writing in Jump Magazine, an online magazine for girls, which eschews pink and fluffy and stereotypical girl’s stuff, and promotes aspiration and confidence, with content from girls and women of all ages. A recent writing competition saw young writers such as Eden (aged 10) discuss what it is like to be a girl. Do check them out; these are our women of tomorrow and they should be nurtured and supported in their beliefs that their body is their own and the world is their oyster.

That’s all from me today, have a lovely week people πŸ™‚

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