I’m reblogging this (which I have never done before, and never been quite sure of the point) mainly because it says lovely things about me (just call me Doogie Howser), but also because also because the author is an awesome writer, and because she is promoting one of my favourite topics – the power of Mumsnet. Enjoy!

Wine Can't Cure Back Pain

I have been a ‘Mumsnetter‘ for many years. There. I have said it aloud. I don’t normally advertise it by shouting from the rooftops but there are probably certain behaviours that might give it away. You will find me charging across the busy supermarket to retrieve the BOGOF Fruitshoots that R has put in the trolley, I was an avid breastfeeder and yes I would get my norks out in public to feed my baby (and, shock horror! toddler), and no I wouldn’t cover myself in a huge shroud to hide it, I am proud of being a woman and a supporter of girls being girls not sexualised mini-adults. Now I suspect that those traits along with my other ‘mumsnet outing’ traits were always there and that is why I am a mumsnetter, although to some extent I probably have a little more confidence to voice some of my longstanding…

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  1. The point, I think, is to spread love for a blog you like that you want your followers to know about. As a result of reading this, I’ll go and read the original post and possibly end up following the blog. I like reblogging 🙂

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