Yarnit Bath Road Pop Up craft shop
Yarnit Bath Road Pop Up Craft and Vintage Shop
Knitting and nattering
Knitting and nattering

I’ve spent a lovely morning at my fortnightly Friday morning knitting group. But instead of being at Kristina’s gorgeous house it was at her pop up shop which she is running with her partner in yarn Julie. These ladies have impeccable taste and a compulsion for buying vintage goods. They are also fantastic crafters, and they fund both these habits by selling their wares at craft fairs and other stalls under the name Yarnit.

They are spending a week at the old fruit and veg market along the Bath Road in Cheltenham and will be there till end of Tuesday (not Sunday).


They are selling all sorts of vintage and retro kitchenalia ( don’t call it bric-a-brac!), fabric, haberdashery, and homemade gifts and Christmas decorations.

Pretty plates, homemade badges and hair clips
Pretty plates, homemade badges and hair clips
Yarn and stuff...
Yarn and stuff…
Gorgeous Arcopal china tea cups
Gorgeous Arcopal china tea cups

If you pop along tell them Dilly sent you. They will probably look at you blankly at that point as neither of them are social media addicts like you and me, but tell them it’s the one what yarn bombs and who has two delightful daughters and they will know who you mean. If enough of you go and buy stuff they may give me a discount on the blue flower jug I was eyeing up!

8 thoughts on “Cheltenham Pop Up Shop of Loveliness

  1. Stitch This beat you to it [grin] am hoping to make it over there tomorrow, if it is at the end of bath Road I think it is (near where Bella italia isn’t anymore). Hope there are still some lovely (affordable) things left to buy by then.

      1. It was kind of a garden centre – Robert Young, had plants out the back, Xmas trees in season.

        I hope that retro orange plastic knitting needle box is still for sale, I can see one from here and want to know what it’s worth … 😉

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