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I had a great response from my mildly soul searching blog post last week exploring why I blog. I posed a bunch of questions on a thread on Mumsnet and got some interesting responses, both on that thread, and on posts other bloggers wrote in response.

When I started the thread I was feeling fed up and defensive about my blogging habit, and questioning the value and motives behind it. At first I just read people’s responses without really thinking about my own. Posts at Low Impact Parenting, Pressies by Pebbles and MumToTeens made me realise that it is not all about the value that the reader or the world in general gets (although that is great) but that bloggers themselves get an enormous amount from it, aside for the self validation and attention that I always assume to be the bloggers motive (they’re mine after all!). By the time I wrote my own post I was back in the game with a more circumspect attitude to my critics (both direct and indirect).

Such was the response, I thought I might have a go at a blog hop, so other people can share their feelings. I’ve never done one before and the process does not come to WordPress naturally, so bear with me and let’s see how this goes.

For reference, these were the questions I posed on Mumsnet, but feel free to write in whatever way you want:
Why do you blog?
What do you get from it?
Is it trivial and is that ok sometimes?
Why should people be interested in what you write?
Do you care if they are not?
If you blog just for you why do it publically?
What value do you think you are adding to the world by blogging?
Do you feel defensive about blogging?

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13 thoughts on “Why do you blog? A blog hop!

  1. So glad you’ve done a blog hop! I entered my link, mainly as I’d never entered a blog hop before (had thought it was wasn’t possible for a wordpress.com blog!). Your thread and posts have really reinvigorated my blogging 🙂

  2. Dilly, thank you for the questions. I wanted to reply to the original MN post but never got around to it. I’ve joined in on your blog-hop (I answered your Q about creating one on MN) and gladly have answered your questions. They’re very thought provoking and I enjoyed answering them!

  3. Great topic! I love that you’ve created a linky for it.

    I blog for two main reasons–to develop a network of people who can add to my world (and I try to add to theirs!), and for writing discipline. I have added a post to your linky, which I wrote a while ago. It’s called ‘I’m curious, why do you read blogs’ because it’s asking that question at the end (and I received some really interesting comments!) but the post itself answers your linky question 🙂

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