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I’ve never written a sponsored post, and this isn’t one (though I am not adverse to them if someone wants to send me something nice…) but this is a post mentioning the sponsors from Mumsnet BlogFest. Yes, I am still going on about the awesomeness that was Mumsnet BlogFest. One of the reasons it was so awesome is that it was a bargain. Earlybird tickets were £50, going up to £75 nearer the event. For that amount you got a fantastic view from Millbank Tower, cakes and pastries from Beverly Hills Bakery, Innocent Smoothies, fab buffet lunch. You had your Caitlin Morans, your Liz Jones’s, your Tim Dowlings. You had lots of prosecco courtesy of Pizza Express, and cheese from the fantastically named British Cheese British. Anyway, without the sponsors of BlogFest the event would have been prohibitively expensive. So, I thought as courtesy I would write a short post giving them a quick mention, but rather than a sycophantic “I love you Portland Hospital” post (the chances of me ever coming into contact with the Portland again are very slim) I thought I would just post a quick fun fact on each of the companies. Wooo yeah, it’s rocking chez Dilly!

Google’s unofficial motto is “Don’t Be Evil”

Skoda is one of the four oldest companies that started producing cars

Portland Hospital
Each one of the Spice Girls had their babies at the Portland. The Portland also gave me a couple of Portly Pandas for the girls, which they loved.


Boden, the sartorial church of the middle class mummy, initially launched with eight menswear products

Before becoming a massive consumer electronics company Nintendo ran Japanese Love Hotels. Yes, they are exactly what they sound like

The Times
The Times was founded in 1785 and is the originator of Times Roman typeface

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Don’t say I don’t never teach you nuffin.


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