I thought I’d round up some of my favourite, and some of my most read posts from this year. This is both timely for this season, and also a great excuse for me to produce some content without having to do much work. Bonus.

My most popular post is one about a crochet flower and snowflake pattern. This one gets the most hits and crochet flower pattern is the most searched for term for people visiting my blog. Other popular search terms are ‘tante sex’, ‘homemade dog sling’, ‘naice craft for kids (not that is NOT a typo!) and ‘freaky rings’. I can’t help but feel many of these visitors would have been disappointed.

Mumsnet Logo

As always my posts about Mumsnet get lots hits. I bather on about it a lot but this one on the Kindness of Strangers hit a chord with many people.

Town hall yarn bombNot so much a favourite blog post post but a favourite event was when Stitch This, Georgia and I yarnbombed the town hall. It was great fun, and the town hall staff were dead chuffed too!

Capturing the zeitgeist of the Olympic Jubilation this post about the Golden Girls of the Olympics was very popular. If I add up all the variations of her name Jessica Ennis is my most popular search term. I really hope these people are young girls looking for inspiration. Please don’t anyone dispel that notion for me.

Crochet framed Butterflies

Coming just under the wire of the new year these Birthday Butterflies were a gift to my friend who I saw at New Year and am about to go and see again. I was very proud of how they turned out.

cross stitch mbti type badge

A personal favourite was my experimentation with combining two of my passions, craft and psychology. With my upcoming psychology degree dominating a lot of next year I shall have to find more creative ways of keeping my hand in with the craft while studying.

And finally a feminist rant at over privileged male politicians, lacking self-awareness and empathy. Some of my best posts have been rattled off in the heat of emotion, and this was one of them. I don’t tend to edit my posts, but after listening to Caitlin Moran at Mumsnet Blogfest, I realised that like her, I let the posts mature in my head, constructing and editing them as I am running the kids’ bath or driving to work.

Hope you have enjoyed my posts this year. I’d like to know which ones have been your favourites?

Please link in the comments with some of your favourite posts from your own blogs too.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year y’all!

3 thoughts on “A year on the blog of Dilly Tante

  1. I’d hate to cause the death of a fairy by not commenting, so I shall just say Happy New Year, and I hope 2013 is full of crafty happiness and yarn for you.

    I’m a knitter, primarily, but am teaching myself to crochet too, and I have crocheted a couple of Mini Hug blankets for mumsnet. I’m also in a knitting group, so maybe we should do some yarn bombing too….

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