I won’t lay claim to this genius idea; that credit goes to Something With The Kid. But this is definitely one worth stealing. Using shapes cut out from craft foam and a pot of water and a paint brush kids can make pictures on patio doors, or even bathroom tiles. Give the older ones some scissors and the foam and they can cut their own shapes out which extends the life of this activity.  The foam sticks to the wet glass, and makes surprisingly little mess, assuming your patio doors are usually as smeared as mine anyway. This is a great rainy day activity and the shapes can be used over and over again.

Yes, those are my little darlings in the picture, and yes one of them is wearing pajamas, and the other a baggy bottomed leotard with a yellow cap. We’re a classy household.

2 thoughts on “Foam party

  1. Fab idea! I love most of all, though, that your kids are dressed as they are 🙂 I do wonder what goes on in my kids’ heads sometimes when they’re running around in knickers and a tea towel or a party dress and swimming goggles, but that’s what makes them them.

  2. I got quite excited there as for a minute I was remembering the foam parties that used to be held on the camp site we used to visit in the south of France but then I actually read you blog and realised I was mistaken! Back to dreaming again.

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