These brooches were supposed to be Valentine’s Day gifts, but they finally made their way to their recipients about 2 weeks ago! One is for my mum and one is for her friend who loves foxes. I just free-formed them, but they were small and easy.

I wasn’t as enamoured with the cat as I was the fox, it looked a bit sinister rather than cute, so I tried again and came up with this little grey one.


Feeling inspired I have now splashed out on a whole bunch of cottons to make more cute little brooches. It’s hard to find nice, brightly coloured, non-mercerised cotton but this Rico Aran from Cucumber Patch was available in a wide range of colours and came super quickly.


8 thoughts on “Cute Animal Brooches

  1. I love them. I am very impressed at your just making them up!
    But most of all, I LOVE your rainbow selection of wool. I am sitting here dribbling. For some reason, I am mightily desirous of buying an entire rainbow of wool. I feel as if owning a rainbow selection will inspire me to great things and huge creative-ness. I fear, however, that it will sit around in my home, reprimanding me for once again being much better at buying craft materials than I am at actually doing anything with them…

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