Crochet flower
Crochet flower from this month’s Simply Crochet Magazine

In July my lovely friend and partner in crime Georgia is returning to her native land. I am desperately sad that she is going. In the 2.5 years since we randomly latched on to each other at a local sling meet she has introduced me to the delights of mac’n’cheese and white cake, and I have taught her to crochet and introduced her to yarn bombing.

In honour of her departure and to mark our friendship we are of course planning a yarn bomb. Flowers are the theme. We are going to coat a nearby deserving location with as many flowers as we can hook. And we are hoping for input from others too. Whether you are local to the Gloucestershire area and fancy helping us tie hundreds of flowers to railings or just want to contribute your own knit or crochet flora and fauna we’d love to hear from you. Big, small, any colour, we want your flowers! If you do want to be part of this yarn bomb (estimated date 3rd July) then email me at or @dillytante on Twitter.

There are loads of flower patterns online, and I posted about some here. Many such as this one are super quick to make. Or the above flower was one I made this morning from my new Simply Crochet Magazine.

I haven’t given much notice, in my usual disorganised way. In my defence I have been preparing for my college residential which was last week, and my stats exam (97%, thank you very much!). Anyway, we’ll be grateful to have anyone join in and will keep you updated.

6 thoughts on “Do you have flower power?

  1. Wow, well done on the exam!

    Will try my best to be there tomorrow night, but if I can’t be, I will definitely be making flowers at home to bring next week 🙂

  2. Now, why didn’t I see this any earlier?! I would LOVE to help – if not in person than by sending flowers! So if I were to crochet and send pretty flowers, how many days would the postman need for delivery (from Berlin to you)? Would there still be time enough?

    1. Actually I only just posted it a few days ago. WordPress added the date I started the draft (ages ago!). That’s why you didn’t see it.

      Would be wonderful to have some flowers. We are doing it on the 3rd so if they could get here by the that would be great. That enough time?

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