I am a married mum of two young daughters, part-time paper pusher, optimistic crafter dabbling in all sorts, but crochet is my first love. My list of things to do is endless, as are many of my projects. Between my job, my children and my housework, my free time is limited, but I am ambitious if not prolific. I like to try new things, which means I don’t get to be amazingly good at any of them, but it doesn’t stop me trying (it may stop me finishing though!).

If you want to contact me to, you know, offer me free stuff to review or a publishing deal, you can email me at dillytanteblog (at) gmail (dot) com. If you want to email me to say mean things, well, don’t. Ta.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Dilly, guess what, you won my blog giveaway! But when I emailed you, I got a nice email back from a woman names Catherine telling me I had got the wrong Dilly :-D, so now I don’t have an email address for you! Anyway, congratulations on winning, can you email me?

  2. Hi there I was googling patterns for tiny teddies for my non profit organisation Little Baby & Co and saw how small and perfect yours would be for our memory boxes.
    Coincidentally I see that you currently knit for Lisa’s Stars[Lisa, myself and a few other ladies set this charity up with Lisa:) but now shes working solo] and I wondered if you would also like to help knit for Little Baby & Co? We desperatly need teddies the size you have done in the past, we get the odd few eddies but they are usually too big and I don’t want to hurt my lovely knitters feeling by saying they won’t fit in the boxes so I pass them on to other baby charities 🙂
    Anyway if you can help please email me on;

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