A post about not very much

So, I’m having a bit of bloggers’ block. Well, not in the way that I have nothing to say. I ALWAYS have something to say. But none of it is particularly interesting. This blog has been great at helping me focus, but the more I get into the blogosphere the more pressure I feel to say something insightful, entertaining or useful.

Sometime I get caught up thinking about all of the crap accumulating on the internet. Terabytes and terabytes, petabytes even of information (a petabyte is 1000 terabytes. Now don’t say I’m not educational!) being sent out into the ether. Where does it go? Will we one day be subsumed by digital information? Swallowed by web pages such as The Pylon Appreciation Society, Scarf Collecting and Paris Hilton. Can you recycle bytes? You can save over stuff I suppose. But where does the stuff that you’ve saved go? It doesn’t just disintegrate. Surely it stays etched in microchips forever. In case someone does actually press delete on a massive server somewhere the Wayback Machine has been archiving the internet since 1996.

I bemoaned my bloggers’ block on the Mumsnet Bloggers Network earlier, and one of my fellow bloggers pointed out that blogs are a reflection of ourselves, and I promised when I started this blog that I would be honest, non-smuggy, and try not to portray an unrealistic lifestyle. So, I am going to stop comparing my blog to some of the other picture perfect blogs out there and just be myself. Well, a version of myself anyway…

I’m one of those people who if you ask “How are you?” I’ll really tell you! So, thanks for asking, I’m ok. Had a tough day with the kids. Iris is slowly gaining two molars and has a cold so is clingy and grumpy. Betty has an asthmatic cough with is keeping her awake at night, so between the two of them we are not getting much sleep. DH was a at work today, so I was grumpy and the kids watched TV.

We did have a brief sojourn to the newly opened Hobbycraft in town. I both love and loathe Hobbycraft, it’s easy and covers many crafts, but I find it expensive and the staff inexperienced. It promotes crafting by numbers. There was a DIY gingerbread house kit with the gingerbread already made! However, I decided stop stop being so snobby and appreciate that many people are embracing crafting in a variety of ways.

I was gunning for a goody bag, but despite getting there 5 minutes after it opened, it was packed already and I missed out. DH had taken the stroller in his car and left me with the pushchair with a flat tyre. So not a great start. Plus it is hard to concentrate with a whining 1 year old and a 4 year old who wants everything. So all in all not very successful. I did see a couple if friends in there which was nice though. I am still making stuff, but it’s pretty slow going at the moment. I think that is contributing to the bloggers’ block.

My Sainsbury’s shopping delivery came, with a nice treat of some Hagan Daaz which I am going to enjoy tonight. Belgian Chocolate is the flavour for me. An early night to follow, and no, not in a fun way. To compensate for the night wakings. It’s a bit miserable though, as it means very little time between the kids going to bed and me going to bed.

Still, it won’t last. And nor will this bloggers’ block hopefully.