Yes, another post about spring from a blogger

Spring is my absolute favourite time of year. After the greyness of winter the green shoots of new life signal the burst of colour that is about to follow. Already I’ve seen crocuses and daffodils. I’m gutted that I didn’t get around to planting my own bulbs. And the kids and their friends decapitated my pansies today, removing the only colour in my garden besides the faded plastic of slides and see saws.


More than anything else about spring, I love blossom. There is very little that is quite as cheering as avenues filled with pink and white blossoming trees. In anticipation of the blossom blooming I quickly crocheted some of my own blossom to tie to some trees and keep me smiling until the real thing arrives.

Suffice to say the first picture was taken by me and my iPhone, and the second one was not only taken by DH (beautiful picture isn’t it?) but the yarn bomb was planted by DH while off taking photos at a wedding. So I have a new partner in crime now!

I was born in the spring, which may account for my affinity with the season. I almost feel reborn every time it comes around, like I get a little bit of myself back. So, that means I have a birthday coming up. And if one of my lovely friends or family are reading this blog I’d like to direct them towards this lovely spring bracelet from Goddess Jewels UK that would brighten up my day even further. They would also do well to mention to the lovely designer that I have wrists like a whippet (shame the rest of my body doesn’t match…).


Spring is here!



Ok, so I’m no David Bailey, but can you believe these photos of blossom trees near me? These pictures were taken on Saturday on the way to the park. The mild winter has confused nature. According to a news bulletin on Radio 4 65 species of wild flower are in bloom in Cardiff, which wouldn’t ordinarily be seen until spring or summer.


Spring is my favourite season and blossom trees make me very happy. Looks like it’s coming sooner than I expected!