Crafty educational ideas for kids

Asia Continent from Countin Coconuts

I absolutely love the blog Counting Coconuts. She makes all kinds of educational resources for her children, based on the Montessori methods. Now I am not really into these fringe educational ideas. I’m a state girl to the core, a mix of liberalism, socialism, and down-right laziness! However, I might just make the Continent Bags for my daughters, I think they are fab. Unfortunately I am not well travelled, mainly due to my poor upbringing <sob>. I had no university gap year, I slaved away in sweaty kitchens and smelly bars to pay for my education. So I may have to beg, borrow and steal paraphernalia.

I Spy Jar

I also love these I Spy jars. I’ve seen tutorials for the I Spy bags, but let’s face it, I’m not going to battle with clear PVC and my sewing machine, I’m far more likely to do this with some jars I don’t have to make myself, after all, it’s the filling that’s the fun part. Check out the blog, it’s great. And she’s just had a baby you can coo over too!