Super (quick) Ted

Inspired by Stitch This, I’ve decided my go-to Christmas gifts for kids this year is this teddy bear. He is super quick and easy to make. The rustic look is the aim so rough edges and uneven stitching is fine!

This lovely fabric is from Piglet’s Pincushion on eBay, and the bear is sewn using embroidery floss. A thin cotton yarn would probably be more cost effective though. This one took me the length of two episodes of Never Mind the Buzzcocks on iplayer so a little over an hour. Good job as I have at least 5 more to make!



Trip the light fantastic

A while ago I posted about some works in progress. I finally finished my blanket-turned-lampshade-cover, and I do rather like it. The original lampshade was gold, and when the light was on the gold showed through and didn’t look right. I searched for ages for a white one in the usual places, Homebase, B&Q, Wilkos, Argos (yeah, we’re high end in this house!). But eventually eBay was to become my saviour, and a lampshade was swiftly delivered from The Lighting Warehouse. I crocheted the squares together essentially into a bandeau, no gluing, sewing or fixing. The crochet is just slipped over the shade.

It’s on a rather ugly uplighter at the moment, but I’m going to keep an eye out for a nice base.

MeMe Rose also wonders if she will ever make a blanket, and settles for a lampshade instead

My inspiration was from MeMe Rose, who is  soon going to think I am stalking her (the Irises I linked to previously were hers). She has enviable amounts of crochet in her house – well, I’m envious anyway!