My lovely horse

If you weren’t following my yarn bombing mission on Twitter (and why weren’t you? Get with the 21st Century man!) here is my heart-stopping account. I’m telling you, they’ll be writing books about me one day…


I donned my disguise and went to rendezvous with Georgia, my partner in crime. After she’d faffed around trying to find the right cap, her bag and her felt bomb (“The kids were playing with it earlier”), and I stood around wondering if Clyde had to wait this long for Bonnie, we were finally on the road.

Once we’d got to our mark we stood around while drunken students took pictures of it, and debated the sensibility and morality of what we were doing, after all this is someone else’s artwork. However, the beauty of yarn bombing is that it’s not permanent, and it isn’t ruining anything. And we’ve made the yarn bombs anyway! Here’s the before picture:


I swear, as soon as we sat down to get started a police 4×4 drove right past us! I hadn’t really seriously thought about what I might say if we were approached, but fortunately I didn’t have to worry as they drove on by, probably to corral some drunken 20 year olds.

Well, it doesn't say anything about not giving it legwarmers

Anyway, we got down with our sewing, momentarily perturbed as two men started shouting at us, but turns out they were just asking where Tesco Express was.





I think the horse seems pleased with the overall effect.


Then off to the pub for a celebratory drink.


I’ll leave you with this ballad to round off our little escapade. Until the next time…

*updated as I’ve figure out how to embed You Tube videos! Yay!

Live yarn bomb tonight

Tonight’s the night for the next mission at 2100 hours (or thereabouts!) Agent Georgia and Agent Dilly will commence Operation LEGWARMER.

Step 1 will be to recce the possible targets to assess viability, visibility and parking opportunities.

Step 2 attachment of devices will commence.

Step 3 admire handiwork and take photos.

Step 4 go home and go to bed.



A cap and sunglasses – for discretion
Spare yarn
Scissors and a thread cutter (not to be used as weapons)
Yarn needles – for sewing
Twix – rations, it could get tough out there

And here are the devices:


This one was made by Georgia, and is more of a 'felt bomb'


I’m going to attempt to track our progress live via Twitter. Follow me @DillyTante, I’m a novice twitter so bear with me!