Literary yarn bombing

On Saturday I dragged my children around the the tents at the Literature Festival. To be fair there wasn’t much going on for kids by that stage, but I wanted to leave my latest yarn bombs that I had worked up especially, so they traipsed around complaining. I started off making bookworm bookmarks, complete with bookish glasses. My plan was to give them literary names. Then I realised that the glasses were making them look a little Harry Potterish, so I decided to go with it and make some Harry Potter bookmarks. I didn’t have time to do a Hermione but I managed a Ron and Harry.

And here is where I left them.





I ended the excursion by buying a signed copy of Katie and the Waterlilies.

Katie and the Waterlilies, signed by the author James Mayhew

Monet is my favourite artist and I hope Betty will enjoy his pictures as much as I do. As you can see, she is already into painting 🙂