I Heart My Homemade Cushion

So I mentioned that we’ve been trying to make our house a little more of a home. DH and I have had the week off this week, with big plans, but as usual, with two young kids, everything takes much longer than you think. But we managed a few things. I’m incredibly pleased with my crocheted heart cushion. No, I’m not obsessed with hearts by the way (don’t get me started on grown women ‘collecting’ things like hearts, elephants, Disney memorabilia…!). But hearts are so nice and cheerful, are they not?


I used a pattern from The Left Side of Crochet, which I love and will definitely use again, especially as by now I know it off by heart (excuse the pun!). I whip stitched the 16 squares together, then whip stitched (is that an Americanism? I’m not sure what the UK equivalent is) the crocheted cover straight onto a cheap and cheerful, plain white Ikea cushion. I didn’t do the back, just stitched the from straight on. The cover doesn’t even come off the Ikea cushion. I’m hoping that the whole thing can go straight in the wash if necessary *crosses fingers*.