Yes, another post about spring from a blogger

Spring is my absolute favourite time of year. After the greyness of winter the green shoots of new life signal the burst of colour that is about to follow. Already I’ve seen crocuses and daffodils. I’m gutted that I didn’t get around to planting my own bulbs. And the kids and their friends decapitated my pansies today, removing the only colour in my garden besides the faded plastic of slides and see saws.


More than anything else about spring, I love blossom. There is very little that is quite as cheering as avenues filled with pink and white blossoming trees. In anticipation of the blossom blooming I quickly crocheted some of my own blossom to tie to some trees and keep me smiling until the real thing arrives.

Suffice to say the first picture was taken by me and my iPhone, and the second one was not only taken by DH (beautiful picture isn’t it?) but the yarn bomb was planted by DH while off taking photos at a wedding. So I have a new partner in crime now!

I was born in the spring, which may account for my affinity with the season. I almost feel reborn every time it comes around, like I get a little bit of myself back. So, that means I have a birthday coming up. And if one of my lovely friends or family are reading this blog I’d like to direct them towards this lovely spring bracelet from Goddess Jewels UK that would brighten up my day even further. They would also do well to mention to the lovely designer that I have wrists like a whippet (shame the rest of my body doesn’t match…).


A child is for 18 years, a ring is for eternity!

Shortly after the birth of Iris DH announced that he had put aside some money to buy me an eternity ring. Obviously the mega hints I dropped about a ‘push present’ after having Betty finally paid off.

I don’t wear a lot of jewellery but I have a beautiful but small engagement ring which I love. I had a mooch around the internet at traditional eternity rings but couldn’t see anything that sparked my interest.

I was looking at So Resourceful’s regular blog post where she publishes ‘Astonishing Splashes of Colour’. Among the beautiful violet themed photos I came across this ring:

Sadly DH’s budget doesn’t quite run to this beauty, but I did come across these little delights by Kate Szabone on Etsy:

Images from Kate Szabone Jewellery

These tiny bands of sparkliness are right up my street, and far more in DH’s price range; in fact I could even get two. They look great stacked together, and I could get one to represent each of my darling babies. I’m not even that fussed by diamonds, I like my jewellery colourful and pretty. I have requested a quote for amethyst and pink sapphire which would link to my daughter’s (real) names, although I do love the chocolate and smoky grey diamonds in this picture.

I’m lucky that I have thin and witchy slim and elegant fingers that will make these petite rings perfect for me (I also have freaky spindly wrists, remarkably disproportionate to the rest of my body. I’m really selling myself here aren’t I?).

Don’t they look fab stacked together?

An update on the Last Minute Necklace

I know you are all gagging to know whether or not my friend wore the last minute necklace I made when I saw her, and the good news is she did, and it looked fab!

Also, a thumbs up to Beads Unlimited, purveyors (via Hobbycraft) of the too stiff necklace cord hooks, who responded to my complaint feedback by sending me a new hook, but said that they can be a bit unwieldy so also included a trigger clasp which they thought might be better. Too late for my last minute necklace, but lovely of them all the same.


Oh and while we are doing shop shout outs I’ve just spent more than I should at Black Sheep Wools who are having a sale! Get your Rowan, Sublime and Noro fix while they’re cheap!


Hobbycraft: the Tesco of the craft world. But not as cheap.

Urgh, disastrous morning chez Tante. I am at home with the Tantettes today, DH doesn’t get back till half seven tonight. 11 hours with the little cherubs…. I really needed some craft bits so I thought I would combine a trip to Hobbycraft with a visit to Toys ‘R’ Us. There is your clue as to how my morning has gone.

After a short negotiation with Betty, in which she threatened a tantrum and I compromised, we agreed Toys ‘R’ us first, then Hobbycraft. That was a mistake as once we were out of Toy ‘R’ Us I no longer had any leverage. I managed to dissuade her from buying poxy Moxie Dolls and Dora The Explorer tat, and she settled on some clothes for her doll Rupert. I also wanted to get a doll for Iris as she has taken a bit of a shine to Rupert, much to Betty’s chagrin. Let me tell you, it is practically impossible to find a soft bodied doll which doesn’t walk, talk, cry (why, why would you want to buy your child a doll that cries, just when you are coming out of the endless crying stage of parenting yourself?). At the last minute I managed to find one that didn’t cost £40 (no Baby Annabel for us.)

I then dragged Betty past the hideous fibre glass ride on toy where you can pay 50p to be rocked back and forth on Iggle Piggle’s boat with the man himself for a total of 27 seconds. Into Hobbycraft, hissing at Betty that if she whinges or complains after I’ve spent an hour in Toys ‘R’ A Fecking Rip-Off then I would take her newly purchased toys away, which of course she did, and I didn’t. It wasn’t worth the tantrum.

Hobbycraft is a necessary evil in my life. It’s crafting by numbers. It’s the Tesco of craft supplies, selling just enough of a variety of craft supplies to get you to go there for convenience, but never that one product that you need. In my case it was chalkboard fabric. I asked one of the assistants who didn’t take my making a request of her very well and looked at me like I had asked her to sacrifice her first born child. I was well ready to sacrifice mine at that point. Suffice to say they didn’t have any, so I picked up a couple of wooden embroidery hoops; stood in front of the embroidery floss for a while, overwhelmed and not really sure what I wanted; then realised that it’s a friend’s birthday tomorrow and wondering if I could cobble together a necklace for her with some jewellery making supplies and my non-existent jewellery making skills. Before I knew it I had spent half an hour growling at the kids (well, they were growling at me first), spent £23 and not really got anything I needed.

That’s the other thing about this crafting business, it’s blooming expensive! I know  that shopping at Hobbycraft doesn’t help. It pains me. I really want to be one of these thrifty crafters who knocks something up from supplies they found for 20p in a charity shop, but really, who has the time to shop in charity shops? I do love them but I just don’t have the tenacity for them, especially when I am dragging around my children. I also don’t have the eye to spot something cheap and hideous that I can magically make into something lovely. Nor can I make 1970’s kitchen crap look retro. I just can’t pull off retro chic. Or shabby chic. Or even handmade chic. That’s why I’ve always avoided all these (admittedly wonderful) blogs. They make me feel dazzlingly inadequate. Still, maybe if I read them enough some of their magic will rub off on me.

Only four and a half hours till DH is home…

Let's see if I can make these into a necklace someone might actually want to wear