On the ninth day of Christmas my true love made for me…a crochet warmer for a willy

I have no idea of the significance of this statue, but it was crying out for a yarn bomb

I am writing this from my sick bed at the moment but I wanted to share with you today’s yarn bomb. This was quite a quick and spontaneous one. A friend came to knitting group with a suitcase full of yarn that she had just found at the dump, all in great condition, just lots of odds and ends. Obviously the owner hadn’t discovered yarn bombing as way of using them up.


Anyway, I picked this yarn out because I thought it looked nice and Chrismassy, all spicy colours combined with snow. It was, however, quite a challenge to crochet with, and actually quite abrasive! Still, I knocked this up pretty quickly. I felt the Minotaur in this statue in town deserved a little something to keep his yule log warm (yes, he does have one).

I did this in the middle of town, heaving with people. Fortunately, most of those people were more concerned about getting to the shops than I what I was doing. Still, I decided to call DH up and talk to him on the phone while I was doing it to distract me, and also to give me an air of insouciance.


Let me tell you yarn bombers, if you don’t already know: cable ties are your friends. How can I not have realised this before? My fairy lights are still where I left them last week, held fast with cable ties. For this one, I tied the long length of crochet with a knot but added a cable tie for security. Happy Christmas Minotaur!