Literary yarn bombing

On Saturday I dragged my children around the the tents at the Literature Festival. To be fair there wasn’t much going on for kids by that stage, but I wanted to leave my latest yarn bombs that I had worked up especially, so they traipsed around complaining. I started off making bookworm bookmarks, complete with bookish glasses. My plan was to give them literary names. Then I realised that the glasses were making them look a little Harry Potterish, so I decided to go with it and make some Harry Potter bookmarks. I didn’t have time to do a Hermione but I managed a Ron and Harry.

And here is where I left them.





I ended the excursion by buying a signed copy of Katie and the Waterlilies.

Katie and the Waterlilies, signed by the author James Mayhew

Monet is my favourite artist and I hope Betty will enjoy his pictures as much as I do. As you can see, she is already into painting 🙂

I don’t know much about art but I know what I like

Hockney - Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures)

Having been inspired by this blog post I thought I might write a little about the art that I like and the discovery I made today. Now I’m no art buff, and I’m not very good with nuance and symbolism and all that stuff. I like art that just, well, that just looks nice. I love Monet and have had the pleasure of seeing a couple of his pieces in person and they just make me instantly relax.


In much the same way I like Hockney’s swimming pool series, and the pieces on every wall in early 2000s by John Miller.

Monet's Japanese Bridge
Summer Clouds by John Miller
Summer Clouds by John Miller

My dad recently bought me for my birthday a framed print I’d be yearning for to cheer up my bedroom. I put some wave noise on my iPhone and am transported to a far off coastline.

Alice Dalton Brown - Blues Come Through

The other sort of stuff I like are historical scenes, just nice ones. The Pre-Raphelites painted gorgeous, wonderful scenes depicting delectable goddess-like woman. Recently, on a rare day out by myself to Bath I randomly picked up a framed print of this in a charity shop.

Edmund Blair Leighton - On the Threshold

I wasn’t going to get it. It was £10, in a crappy frame and at the beginning of my day and I’d have to cart it around. I really liked it though, and we have been trying to make our rented soulless box of a house feel more like home. This morning I passed it in the hall and noticed the signature “EBL 1900” and thought I’d look it up. Turns out the artist is Edmund Blair Leighton, a Victorian/Edwardian artist who specialised in Regency and Medieval scenes, often romantic in nature. Years and years ago I saw a picture in a second hand shop which I loved and wished I had bought. All I knew is it was called The Accolade. I told DH and once he made me a Valentine’s card with it on. As I I looked through EBL’s catalogue lo and behold I discovered that he had also painted it. Which just goes to show you that I may not know about art, but I know what I like.

Edmund Blair Leighton - The Accolade